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IT Learning
IT Learning
Eduspec has been at the forefront in providing Systematic IT Learning programs to kindergarten and primary school students since 1984. The programs are customized according to students’ age and prepared by a group of dedicated and experienced teachers. The course includes three main components and cyber wellness: General Knowledge, Software Application, and Online Application.

The level of difficulty increases as the students progress in the IT training. The courses are frequently updatedin tandem with the development of new technology to ensure students acquire the latest IT knowledge.

In recent years, Microsoft and Eduspec have launched the Office 365 campus community. The purpose is to bring students to move beyond spoon-fed learning and more towards e-learning.

Office 365 is the ultimate out-of-the-box suite of applications provided by Microsoft that includes email, instant messaging and other interesting features. There are many online features which will enhance communications between students to improve online collaboration and efficiency. Office 365 acts as an effective communication platform for schools and students in the long run.

School Management System
School Management System
Eduspec introduced School Management System (SMS), a computerized administrative operation to schools, to help implement an integrated school management system. There are three modules under the SMS – Administration Module (SAS), the Library Module (SLS) and the Web Module (SMS Web).

The system handles all school’s electronic records including library management, daily administration, attendance reports, exam results, student affairs and counseling, scholarship and alumni management,  school asset management, hostel management, learning management, courses and classes scheduling, and ePayment.  With features such as Attendance Tracking, School Calendar, and Notice Board, teachers no longer have to disseminate or collect information by physically going to different classes.

Reminding students of important administrative matters no longer need to be done one-by-one since notices can be sent out to relevant student groups with a few taps. With the new system, parents can also check their children’s attendance, progress and performance with their smart devices anytime. Using technology, the system revamps the communication process between the school, teachers and parents by the use of text messages, emails and mobile app. The SMS makes a school administration system more efficient, accessible, and reliable.

The key success factors for implementing SMS in schools is the flexibility of these platforms and our ability to help schools achieve high adoption of usage to optimize their investment in new technology.

Microsoft Imagine Academy
Microsoft Imagine Academy

About MIA

Microsoft IT Academy will be renamed Microsoft Imagine Academy. With the change, Microsoft Imagine will be the single identity used for all Microsoft programs, tools and initiatives aimed at students to drive technology, computer science, coding and employability skills. Microsoft Imagine Academy provides students and educators with a complete technology education solution, that connects the real world with education by equipping students with IT skills needed for successful careers in today’s workforce.

Authorized Education Partner

Eduspec is an Authorized Education Partner (AEC) of Microsoft, and we offer Microsoft products and services to educational users. We promote Microsoft IT Academy (MITA) as part of a new experience to improve teaching and learning experience in schools. We introduce the program to schools and offer teachers’ training to ensure they know how to use the program effectively for lesson deliveries. Aside from teachers training, Eduspec also offers certification for the program.

More details here.
SABAK is an acronym in Bahasa Indonesia for `Sistem Aplikasi Belajar Aktif Kreatif`. e-Sabak Multifungsi is a solution to help improve the process of teaching and learning in schools. Learning curriculum materials will reach a new level with the tools and applications that have been integrated with the learning project of the 21st century.

e-Sabak has powerful tools and platforms that enable students to learn interactively. It also helps teachers to be more effective in using technology for the classroom. e-Sabak contains three major components that make it a unique solution – learning management system, classroom management, and learning device. This holistic approach delivers higher engagement in the classroom, promotes student-centered learning, develops skills in communication and collaboration, critical thinking and creativity.

More details here.
Apple Solutions
Apple Solutions
Eduspec is an Apple Consultants Network (ACN) Partner. We conduct a broad range of Apple-related programs to enhance teachers’ development and contribute towards organizational infrastructure effectiveness. We provide services such as training on teaching with technology, implementing a 1:1 iPad Program and setting up an Apple lab.  We offer a holistic approach that includes both hardware and ‘heartware’ for educators to effectively deliver lesson instructions for higher student engagements and ultimately, skills set up for life.

As a complete solution provider, we bring the ease of implementation to our partners and customers. We provide limitless solutions from project management to hardware deployment of any scale. We offer Professional Development packages and Mobile Device Management Solutions that can be customized to fit your needs.

More details on ACN here.
Google for Education

As a Google for Education Partner in Professional Development, we work hand in hand with educators to implement Google in Education tools in the classroom for impactful teaching and learning. Eduspec’s philosophy is never about providing the hardware or software, but about ensuring the technology is used sustainably and efficiently. Aside from training and implementation in the classroom, we also offer the Google Certified Educator certification for teachers.

Benefits of being a Google Certified Educator

As a certified GCE, you deserve the best support and benefits, and here are some perks you will enjoy:

  • Commendation Letter to your School:
    The Google for Education team will send a letter of commendation to your school headmaster to let them know about your accomplishment and congratulate them for being supportive of your professional development growth.

  • Access to Google Certified Educators Community:
    Get connected and support from like-minded educators across the globe through the community page. The page offers the best tips, tricks, and demo slams to enrich your edtech experience.

  • Special Invite to Professional Development Events:
    As a certified educator you receive special invites (selected countries) to GEG EduX events meant to enrich your knowledge. It’s a one full day of fun learning, interactive workshops, demo slams and design thinking sprints with other certified educators. The events are hosted at local Google offices so look out for announcements of EduX dates.

A GCE will be able to demonstrate skills needed to implement Google for Education tools in the classroom to enhance teaching and learning. Get certified to earn recognition for the work you have done. Get more information about GCE here or contact us for details.

Inquiry Learning
Inquiry Learning
Inquiry learning is a learning process in which students actively explore, formulate questions, investigate, experiment and analyze to form new understandings, meanings, and knowledge.

A firm believer that one size does not fit all in education, Eduspec always invest the time for a thorough consultation session with our customers and partners before any implementations. We believe in customizing a long-term strategy to see the best results in bridging the gap between education and technology. Eduspec doesn’t believe in merely selling hardware or software to our customers as a solution. Our unique service to school model is a holistic solution that ensures the sustainability of using technology in the classroom. See Digital School Solutions.

Professional Training and Certification
Technology is merely a tool, as it will only be as effective as the user. Thus, we place a great importance on professional training and certification for both teachers and students alike. We understand the critical role that teachers play in the classroom, and that’s why we make it a priority to continuously provide training to build teachers’ capacity in teaching with technology. Without qualified and confident teachers, a classroom filled with the most updated technology will not sustain. We also provide certification for students in various programs with the focus on building skill sets and encourage creative application. See Microsoft IT Academy and Apple Solutions.

Cyber Security
Cyber security is a major component in all our curriculum. There are often complaints from parents that their children are constantly on their devices. Devices and technology are not the issue but rather how we use the tool should be the focus. These days, we divulge personal information on social media information without much thought. We want to ensure children and youths stay safe online and use technology responsibly as well as. This is why cyber security is a part of the core curriculum in all our programs.

We want to connect with parents and invite them to play an active role in how their children use technology. Adopting this two-fold strategy that involves both teachers and parents, the cyber security message is then consistent at school and home. Eduspec works closely with CyberSecurity Malaysia to promote awareness and advocate the importance of cyber security to the public through talks, seminars and competitions such as the Digital Campus WeCode competition.

Competition Platforms
Eduspec believes a competitive platform gives children and youths an outlet to collaborate, communicate, and be creative. We hold yearly competitions such as Robothon, our robotics competition, as well as coding and digital art & animation competitions. We also encourage children and youths to gain knowledge and exposure through working with others in a team and also learn more about different cultures from competitors of various countries.

See STEM Robotics Activities and www.eduplay.com.my.

Seminars, Workshops, and Talks
Eduspec is an advocate for education technology and cyber security thus we hold yearly seminars, workshops, and talks on using technology sustainably and responsibly. We organized yearly cyber security talks in schools and events throughout the country. We also organized seminars and talks on the latest education technology trend to promote awareness and educate the public. We also conduct workshops on coding, digital art, and game creation in our events to give students a hands-on experience and exposure to the programs.

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