Eduspec Services to Parents
Empowering Parents Through Technology
Eduspec Services to Parents (ESP)
Inspired by the various positive benefits studies have shown in cases where parents were given more opportunities to be involved with academic institutions when nurturing the child’s learning and developmental journey, the Eduspec Services to Parents (ESP) model aims to bridge parents and schools through the use of technology.

This process involves digitizing a child’s individual learning progress inschool, transforming the information into categories of concern, before publishing through a secured a mobile platform where parents can take actionable steps to enhance their child’s academic experience.

The ESP Model aims to foster the involvement of parents in empowering them with accurate information regarding their children’s education. This enables the parents with actionable intelligence – an important catalyst in creating a conducive environment, tailored with precision to the academic abilities of the student.

The role of a quality education from the school that is reinforced with through the partnership of the parent community makes a substantial, positive impact in a child’s learning journey.

This model will involve a mobile solution relating information regarding a child’s personalised learning information through diagnostic feedback that supports various recommended learning supplements for parents to provide timely intervention for any rectification.

Benefits of the Eduspec Services to Parents Model

With the implemented Eduspec Services to Parents (ESP) model, the enablement of active school and parent communication enables:

Eduspec Services to Parents Value Proposition

Currently, parents are restricted to the occasional feedback from their child or teachers, as well as a periodic report card after the term ends. This is insufficient to provide timely intervention for any rectification. Realising the ESP Model, the Allschools mobile solution is the communication platform that empowers parents with timely information through efficient communication on their child’s education journey.This is the mobile platform that fosters parental involvement in Education.

Convenient and effective, the Allschools app sends instant push notifications from attendance, assignments as well as updates on the child’s progress in school to the mobiles of the parents.

This allows the efficient streamlining of administrative tasks for the teachers while allowing timely, positive reinforcements that is supported by the parents once the child leaves the classroom.

With more than 100 000 registered users across Malaysia, the Philippines and Indonesia, the Allschools application continues to grow and innovate – bridging parents and schools to bring about a successful academic journey for the child.

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