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Eduspec Holdings Berhad (Eduspec) has been at the forefront in providing integrated education services involving innovation and education technology for schools since 1984. Our services range from providing consultancy, building teaching capacity, deploying information technology systems in schools to offering various online and blended-learning education programs. Our programs incorporate the 21st century competencies, teaching with technology and project-based learning.

Our unique proposition is the ability to bridge the latest relevant education technology to schools and make education technology affordable. We also help schools to achieve effective and sustainable usage of education technology. In line with that, Eduspec also provides a platform for experience and knowledge sharing between schools in ASEAN. We believe that building a network between schools will encourage innovation and provide a sense of community and support.

Eduspec believes a holistic approach to education services so aside from working closely with schools, our unique business model also includes empowering parents in school education. Parents’ engagement is mostly overlook but it is a key factor in ensuring a successful education model.  

Since achieving listing status in 2010, Eduspec has progressively expanded to Indonesia, the Philippines, and Vietnam. In 2014, we are expanding to Thailand and Myanmar. Eduspec is now the number one K-12 IT education provider in Asia.


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"For the CHILDREN, For the FUTURE"
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In Eduspec, we prioritize communication. That’s why we have a monthly dialogue session with the CEO. This session allows everyone to ask questions and share opinions.
Most of all, it’s to get a dialogue going and to foster better communication in the company.
We have a monthly birthday party because we think it’s important to have fun while at work. We also believe in celebrating together. There’s food, good cheer, presents and loads of fun. Seriously.
In Eduspec, we understand there are times when you need to work closely with others, and there will be times when you need quiet time to focus. That’s why we adopt the open concept seating arrangement.
We encourage creative collaboration and respect personal creative space.
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